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Technology Tools: Online Tools

laptopCarson-Dellosa Clip Art
A few free clip art resources for schools.

Color Schemer
Provides tools to help you match colors and identify the color palette number.

Royalty Free Art Products
Clipart, photographs, and other visuals available for purchase online or on CD/DVD.

Provides wood, stone, marble, cloud, nature, water, fabric, organize, skin/fur, metal, technical, maps, paint, misc, and bump texture.

Website Techniques and Tools
Create your own blog.

forums, minipolls, photo albums.

Great resource for finding documents and creating activities.

Do History
Learn to piece together the past from fragments that have survived. Explore an example, then create your own. Includes a great History Toolkit section on researching, handling, organizing, and storing information.

Making Sense of Evidence from History Matters
Inncorporate simple guides for Making Sense of Documents (i.e., oral history, films, maps, sense of numbers, letters and diaries, advertisements American Popular Song, photography). Examine Scholars in Action as they analyze resources (inventory, cartoons, songs, photographs, letter, speeches, stories, and newspapers.

Tools from CHNM
Create your own web scrapbook, poll, or survey.
Create a website for sharing family photos, news, family trees, and ideas.

Information Architecture for the Web
Many links to other tools.

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