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Technology Tools for Escrapbooking

cameraThere's no "best" way to create an e-scrapbook. You don't even need to buy new tools. If you have a word processor and a graphics package you can build great products.

Your selection of e-scrapbook tools depends on your needs and interests.

If you want to share your projects online, consider how your final project will be posted on the Internet. You can create web pages, but you could also create a blog or turn a word processing document into a PDF file.

If you plan to print your e-scrapbook, consider the quality of the images and fonts. Also, think about the paper and printer you'll be using.

If you plan an interactive e-scrapbook with pop-up windows or comments, think about how this product will be stored and shared.

There are many issues in page or screen layout:

For lots of ideas, go to High Tech Learning: Tools.

There are many ways to use the blog format for projects. For example, rather than building your autobiography in isolation, make it a family project. Share your experience as a family. Each person has something to contribute, coordinate, and share. By posting your ideas, others can add comments and memories. Some people are storytellers and others are coordinators. Share expertise to build a legacy for your family and at the same time, bring your family together. Be productive and work through mental stress.

Graphics software: bitmap graphics, vector graphics, or both
Read Computer Graphics 101 for definitions.

Page Layout

PDF (Portable Document Format)

Presentation tools

Scrapbook software

Specialty software

Web pages

Word processor

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