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Technology Tools: Ideas and Issues

computerCarefully examine the hardware and software available. You may have everything you need.

A Dozen Ideas

  1. Digital Camera
    Quality of photos, Ease of use, Size of camera, Storage, Data transfer
    Does your camera take the quality of photos you need? Is it easy to use? Does it have adequate storage or are additional storage cards needed? Is it easy to transfer photographs to the computer?
  2. Data Storage
    CD/DVD, Flash drive, Network
    Do you need a way to easily move information from computer to computer? Do your computers all have at least Windows 98 and a USB port that is easily accessible?
  3. Photo Editing Software
    Easy to use, Import options
    Basic photo editing, Advanced imaging  
    Do you have easy-to-use photo editing software? Did any software come with your computer, camera, or scanner? Do you already have software on your computer such as Paint for resizing and simple adjustments? Will PhotoShop Elements work for your needs?  
  4. Scrapbooking Software
    What software is available? Will it work for your needs?
    • Publish to Screen or Paper - resolution issues
    • Specialty Software (scrapbooking or album) - use outside school
    • PowerPoint - good for interactivity
    • Web pages - good for sharing
    • Word Processor - good for printing
  5. Bubbles
    Quotes, Dialog, Debate
  6. Beyond Bullet Points
    Speaker notes, Audio button
  7. Thumbnails
    Timelines, Menus, Body Parts, Debate
    Click Photo to Enlarge
  8. Photo Hooks
    Use photos to motivate and bring meaning     
  9. Combine with Web-based Photos
    Advertisements, Book covers, Famous people, CD covers
  10. Pictures with Words and Symbols
    Haiku and other poetry
    Math formulas
  11. Photography Ideas
    Action Shots, Distance, Perspective, Point of View
  12. Web-based Tools,

File Management

Organizing text, artwork, and original documents is an important part of e-scrapbooking. It's a good idea to create an electronic folder for each project and keep all original files in addition to the file e-scrapbook page.


When designing e-scrapbook projects, it's essential to consider copyright issues. Although you may intend to share your project within a classroom or family, you should still think about a few key ideas.

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