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Projects: ScrapThink

thinkscrapA ScrapThink combines the idea of scrapbooking and concept maps. Use any concept mapping tool such as Kidspiration or Inspiration. Or use paint or draw software and add visuals along with shapes and lines to share your idea.

Go to Bubbl. Combine photographs, drawings, shapes, and lines to create a collaborative project. Remember with this software, multiple people can work together on the project at once.


Let's say you're in charge of a nature walk highlighting plants that are and aren't cactus. Organize information about what's a Cactus and Not a Cactus - Click the picture above right to enlarge it. Use this scrapthink as the basis for your nature walk.

The Snake ScientistRead The Snake Scientist by Sy Montgomery, other books in the Scientists in the Field Series, or other books about reptiles and amphibians. Use Gliffy to create a graphic organizer sorting reptiles and amphibians. Use the share button in Gliffy to invite others to expand your exhibit.


Use this approach to:

Use Bubbl, Gliffy, or your own software to create a ScrapThink. Rather than simply using shapes and lines, incorporate other types of scraps such as pieces of primary source documents, quotes, photographs, screen shots from websites, and other visuals. Remember to cite your sources or provide direct links to the sources you used.

Focus on a particular type of "thinking" such as a comparison, cause/effect map, or diagram.

Make a template or sample that students can use as a starter.

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