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Projects: ScrapStarters

Some people have a hard time getting started on an escrapbooking project. Look for ways to motivate students and stimulate thinking. Identify an essential question, shared experience, key resource, or interesting artifact and use it as the central theme for your project.


Use a work of art or an artist as a starting point. For example, read Chasing Vermeer. It's a mystery about the works of Vermeer. Check out the PowerPoint Starter (PPT).


Al Capone Does My ShirtsStart with a book. Create a scrapbook or field guide to go with the book.


Go to the Al Capone Does My Shirts (PPT) for standards connections. Also, check out the WebQuest. Go to emints for lots of links to teaching materials.

Primary Sources

Start with primary sources.


Audio and Video

Start with a podcast or videocast.


Listen to Snap Judgement. Do you make snap judgements? Why is it important to base your decisions on sound evidence? Explore other podcasts from Science Update from AAAS

For more examples go to AudioSharing or VideoSharing.

Anyone can create a ScrapStarter. Begin with a focal point such as a piece of artwork, novel, primary source document, or video clip. Then, collect ideas and resources related to this focal point. At this point, you might stop and let someone else take over. Or, you might create an e-scrapbook based on the starter.

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