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Projects: ScrapData

Right Outside My WindowYou don't have to go any further than your window to have wonderful learning experiences that connect the natural and virtual world. Read Right Outside Our Window by Mary Ann Hoberman. What's outside your window? What's right outside the door in the playground or a local natural area?

Use digital photos, charts and graphs to record your findings.

Connecting Data to Authentic Problems

Explore Data and Statistics. There are many online sources for data that's useful in student project such as the Population Reference Bureau. Use software such as InspireData to organize data. Open the Empty Electronic Spreadsheet document in Excel. Explore the Olympics (Excel) example. Create a way to visualize data using charts and graphs. Incorporate your data into an Election Scrapbook tracing trends during the course of the election.

Graph ContestMath Connection

Use the following online tools for creating charts and graphics for your project:

Create a screen shot of the chart or graph to incorporate into your project. In Windows, press the ALT + PRINT SCREEN key. A screen shot of the currently selected window will be placed on the clipboard. Then, paste it into any application.

On the Mac press the Control-Apple-Shift-4 keys, then select the area of the screen. The picture will be placed on the Clipboard to paste into your project. If you have Mac OSX, you can also use the Grab Utility located in Applications/Utility.

Science Connection

Combine charts and graphs with photos of the process to document a science experiment. Use the following websites for ideas:

Create a scrapbook comparing your mold with the mold others have grown. See some examples at the Thinking Fountain.

Use the following websites where students can collect virtual science data.

Social Studies Connection

Go to the following data sets. Focus on a particular region and graph the information. Then, compare your state or province.

Language Arts Connection

Go to the following Student Materials page. Use the product on a scrapbook page.

Data Connections

Go to the Escrapbooking: Data and Statistics page for lots of data sources online:

Explore the following student-produced examples:

Tree of LifeBuild Nature Connections

Explore the book Tree of Life by Rochelle Strauss.
Download the PDF guide with lesson ideas. (PDF file: use Lamb's email address and negenz57 or make your own). Adapt the lesson ideas to a PowerPoint activity format. Also check out The Tree of Life.

To learn more about the concerns related to the disconnect many children have with the natural world, read Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children from Nature Deficit Disorder by Richard Louv.

Explore these resources to reach beyond the classroom.

Combine the power of online activities with hands-on, data collection projects. Examine Math Mania (PPT) PowerPoint Starter. Set up your own project.

Conduct an experiment or use an existing data set. Combine photographs and charts/graphs to scrapbook your results in a PowerPoint page. Use the Speakernotes to list the steps in your experiment and your findings.

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