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Title: 8556. Summit Pike's Peak Altitude 14,147 Feet
Location: Pike's Peak, Colorado

Postcard Date
:[By 1911]
Postmark Date:August 16, 1911 Colorado Springs, Colo.
Creator (Artist/Photographer):
Condition: Good
Description Front: Summit House and Cog Railroad at Summit of Pike's Peak, Colorado
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ADDRESS: Mr. Lewis E. Downing, Auburan, Wash.
MESSAGE: 8-16-1911 Hello brother Doc--I suppose I ought to add Dear to keep up the reputation of the family.We had the night clerk call us at 1 A.M. and went up to the summit of the peak while "brother's moon" was shining, and waited for the sunrise. My!My!My! but it was wonderful. Going out to the canyons this P.M. , Aunt Laura
Keywords: Colorado, Pike's Peak, brother's moon
Connection: Vacation Spot

: Bolger's Best
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