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Title: Cascade from Pike's Peak Auto Highway, Colo.
Location: Pike's Peak, Colorado

Postcard Date
: [By 1931]
Postmark Date: July 25, 1931 Colorado Springs, Colo.
Creator (Artist/Photographer):
Publisher: DeLuxe Post Cards
Description Front:View overlooking Cascade, Colorado from Pikes Peak Auto Highway. Great antique auto.
Description Back: 28315N CASCADE FROM PIKES PEAK AUTO HIGHWAY, COLO. The Pikes Peak Auto Highway leaves the Ocean to Ocean Highway at Cascade and after a few turns in the road a fine view can be had of the Ute Pass and plains East of Colorado Springs.
ADDRESS TO: Dr. J. D. Chittun, Sorento, ILL
MESSAGE: Sat, July 25 1931 Dear husband: Rec'd letter yesterday and one from Mac this morn. We will go to Denver Monday and stay 2 nights. Unless I hear from you, will meet you in Greenville Bus station, Thurs 7:25 P.M. If Mae is home be careful of stove. Am feeling fairly good. Lovingly Nora.
Keywords: Colorado, Pike's Peak, Pikes's Peak Auto Highway, Cascade Colorado, Ute Pass
Connection: Vacation Spot

: Bolger's Best
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