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Title: 9240 Moonlight, Pike's Peak, Colo.
Location: Pike's Peak, Colorado

Postcard Date
: Copyright 1903
Postmark Date: August 16, 1911
Creator (Artist/Photographer):
Printer: C.W. Stiff & Co
Publisher: Pike's Peak Souvenir Co., Colo. Spgs.
Description Front: Moon rising over Pike's Peak, Colorado
Description Back:
ADDRESS: Mr. L.E. Downing, Auburn, Wash.
MESSAGE: Aug 16, Arrived safe and sound Tuesday 8:30 AM (Both shoes shined) Mother and Georgie being far away. We had no trouble gaining the final seat of a sight seeing auto and spent the morning seeing Denver. Jane Dear.
Keywords: Colorado, Pike's Peak, Mountain scene
Connection:Vacation spot

: Bolger's Best
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