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Title: Moonlight On Pike's Peak, Colo. Altitude 14147 Feet.
Location: Pike's Peak, Colorado

Postcard Date
Postmark Date:April 12, 1910
Creator (Artist/Photographer): The Rocky Mountain Series Made in U. S. A.
Condition: Fair
Description Front:Moonlight on Pike's Peak with Cog Railroad car parked.
Description Back:
ADDRESS: Miss Elma Jalbert, R 3, Lawrence, Kansas
MESSAGE: My dear Elma! Uncle just got your card and you wrote them that you sent me a letter a month ago, I have never received that letter but have waited since xmas for news from you.--Have a bad time with head-aches and am nearly used up. Am still working on that corset cover for you. With love as ever. Aunt Emma.
Keywords: Pike's Peak, Colorado, Cog Railroad,
Connection: Vacation Stop

: Bolger's Best
Digital ID: pc1e1004

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