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Title: 566 Timberline, Pike's Peak Cog road, Colorado
Location: Pike's Peak, Colorado

Postcard Date
Postmark Date: July 8, 1940, Summit of Pike's Peak
Creator (Artist/Photographer):
Publisher: Sanborn Souvenir Co. Denver, Colo.
Condition: Good
Description Front: Pike's Peak Cog Railroad car heading up to the Timberline to Pike's Peak.
Description Back: COG TRAIN AT TIMBERLINE, PIKES PEAK. The trip to Pikes Peak by Cog Road is a continous panorama of wonders with magnificent sweeping views of incredible sublimity. From the dwindling dwarf trees at timberline may be seen the boundless rock slopes leading up to the peak itself, towering in white majestic grandeur, while on the other side one may look over the green valleys to the verdant hills and back over the sweeping hills and valleys to the plains.
ADDRESSED TO: Mr. & Mrs.. Bill Travis, 131 W. Barnes, Napoleon, Ohio.
MESSAGE: Here we are at the top. Some climb and it's 32 degrees up here this A.M. Beautiful scenery up here. Car did not get hot either. Love from Pop & Mom
Keywords: Colorado, Pike's Peak, Cog Road, mountain view,
Connection: Vacation Spot

: Bolger's Best
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