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Title: 504 Glencove Inn on the Pikes Peak Auto Highway
Location: Pike's Peak, Colorado

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Publisher:Sanborn Souvenir Co., Denver, Colo.
Condition: Excellent
Description Front: Colorado Springs, Colo.
Description Back: Glen Cove, alt. 11,425 ft., is a delightful spot just at timberline on the Pikes Peak Auto Highway. ringed by snow flecked cliffs, dotted with great Pines, watered by tiny streamlets it is a little paradise among the crags, a last outpost of trees and vegetation. Here is situated the main stopping point on the highway with an Inn for the accommodation of travelers.
Keywords: Colorado, Colorado Springs, Pike's Peak, Pike's Peak Auto Highway, Glencove Inn, Glencove
Connection: Vacation Spot

: Bolger's Best
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