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Title: 562. Famous Summit House On New-Year's Eve.
Location:Pike's Peak, Colorado
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Creator (Artist/Photographer): C.T. American Art Colored.
Publisher: Sanborn Souvenir CO., Denver, Color.
Condition: Good
Description Front: Summit of Pike's Peak, Alt. 14,109 Ft. Colorado Springs, Colo. (120364)
Description Back: One of the most famous "stunts" enacted in Colorado is the annual hike of the AdAmAn Club of Colorado Springs to the Summit of Pike's Peak in the dead of winter to initiate one new man in the club and set off a vast pyrotechnic display from the summit at midnight on New-Year's eve. One may try to imagine the appearance of Colorado's lofty places locked in the grip of winter, but it is hard to realize.
Keywords: Colorado, Colorado Springs, Pike's Peak, Summit, AdAmAn Club, annual hike to summit
Connection: Vacation Spot

: Bolger's Best
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