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Title: Scenic Trail. In Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado
Location: Rocky Mountain National Park

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Printer: National Color Post Card Made in U.S.A.
Publisher: E.C, Kropp Co, Milwaukee, Wis, Wis (ACY)
Condition: Excellent
Description Front: Beautiful scenic trail for horseback riding in the Rocky Mountain National Park, CO.
Description Back: Colorado's Great Outdoors offers every type of recreation of a beneficial nature--horseback riding, hiking, fishing, camping, picnicking, dude ranching, boating, swimming, golfing, tennis, hunting in the fall months, skiing and skating in the winter. You favorite activity is awaiting you in Cool, Colorful Colorado! 14227 N
Keywords: Colorado, Rocky Mountain National Park, Scenic Trail, Horseback riding
Connection: Vacation Spot

: Bolger's Best
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