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Title: 468-Trail Ridge Road, connecting Estes Park and Grand Lake, showing Three Elevations of the Road
Location: Rocky Mountain National Park

Postcard Date
Postmark Date: August 21, 1948
Creator (Artist/Photographer):
Publisher: Sanborn Souvenir Co., Denver, Colo.
Condition: Good
Description Front: Mt. Ypsilon in the Background, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colo.
Description Back: THE TRAIL RIDGE ROAD, a new route to the top of Fall River Pass, up the east side of the Continental Divide was completed in 1931. This road climbs the valleys and skirts the slopes to emerge on the top of the great ridge and circles about the mountain tops giving a succession of panoramic views of the jumbled mountains and gorges and valleys.
ADDRESS TO: Mrs. Stanton and Barbara, 710 E. Morgan, Martinsville, Indiana
MESSAGE: We came out to a meeting at Estes Park and we drive out from there. The scenery's certainly gorgeous. Ruth Hill Tirey
Keywords:Colorado, Estes Park, Grand Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park, mountain scene, Mt. Ypsilon
Connection: Vacation Spot

: Bolger's Best
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