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Title: 139--Main Street of Estes Park, Colorado
Location: Estes Park, Colorado

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Printer:Curteichcolor R Art-Creation From Color Transparencies (Reg.U.S.A. Pat. Off.)
Publisher:Flatiron Post Card Co., Boulder, Colo
Condition: Excellent
Description Front:Birdseye view of Estes Park, Colorado and the Rocky Mountain National Park in the distance.
Description Back: 139- Main Street of Estes Park, Colorado. Popular summer and winter resort, with Longs Peak in background. Estes Park (7,547 ft.) near the eastern entrance of Rocky Mountain National Park, is situated in a beautiful valley enclosed by Snow Capped mountains.
Keywords: Colorado, Estes Park, Long's Peak, Rocky Mountain National Park, snow capped mountains
Connection: Vacation spot

: Bolger's Best
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