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Whether working with digital reproductions of historical news footage (graphic below) or creating your own home movies, motion pictures can play an exciting role in your electronic scrapbook.

Create Your Own Video

You don't need fancy equipment to create great videos. Most still digital cameras have a video option. You can generally record 30 second to 3 minutes or longer of video depending on the side of your memory card. You also capture still frames from your video.

Analyze and Use Existing Video

If you're planning to use video in a project, be sure you have permission. If you created your own video, get permission from the people who are being videotaped. If you use existing video such as things you find on the Internet, check to be sure you can reproduce these. Otherwise, you may just include a link in your project.

(news footage from NARA at Google)

When analyzing video, consider the point of view of the producer. What were they trying to accomplish when they shot and edited this video? Also, think about the perspective of any people who might be in the video. Are they following a script? Do they have a political agenda? Are they being satirical? For example, the television program The Daily Show is a satirical look at the news rather than a serious news broadcast.

Use the following resources when analyzing motion pictures.

Locate Video Resources Online

Google Video



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