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Course Materials: Syllabus

Read the page below including the course registration, course syllabus, course grading, course calendar.

Course Registration

This class is an extension of the face-to-face ICE workshop offered in January 2007. You must register for the ICE conference and participate in the full-day, face-to-face workshop to enroll in the course.

Registration Information

You will be registering for this course through IUPUI School of Education for Summer 1, 2007.
If you have taken a course in the IUPUI system before, you simply complete the registration form.

If you haven't taken a course in the IUPUI system before, you'll must also register as a NEW STUDENT.

You can complete this form at the ICE conference or turn it in any time before May 1, 2007.

Course Payment

You will not receive a bill until late in the spring. You do not need to pay for these credits until Summer 1, 2007.

Course Credit

Regardless of when you finish the course requirements, you will not receive a grade on your transcript until the end of Summer 1, 2007.

Course Syllabus


Instructor Contact Information

Name - Annette Lamb, Ph.D.
Mail-forwarding Address - 238 Rainbow Drive #13839 Livingston TX 77399-2038
Dr. Lamb will be moving throughout the semester. Email her for her latest address if you’d like to send something direct.
Email - or
Lamb's Voice Mail & Vision to Action Voice Mail and Fax - 620 343 7989

Online Course Materials

Course Assumptions

The following entry skills are required for this course:

This course makes the assumption that you are able to work independently. There are no required face-to-face meetings other than the ICE workshop. There are no required synchronous online meetings. However, feel free to email or arrange a chat with your instructor any time!

Course Description

From local history videos to digital science fairs, authentic technology projects bring learning to life. Combine the power of place-based learning and technology tools to create synergy in your classroom. Promote deep understandings and address individual differences by combining the power of primary sources with student-produced text, photographs, graphs, audio, and video. Try out seven inquiry-based, e-scrapbooking starters that will boost student success across the curriculum.

Students will participate in online threaded discussions and develop a project related to escrapbooking in teaching and learning. Choices allow graduate students with varied backgrounds and interests to select activities that meet their professional needs.

Course Goals

Each student will:

The instructor will:

Course Requirements

For a complete description of the requirements, go to the Course Requirements page.

Course Grading

This course is being offered for Pass/No Pass credit. No incomplete grades will be given. All course requirements must be satisfactory in order to pass the course.

Email your instructor when you've completed ALL SIX CONNECTIONS then again when you've completed your COURSE PROJECT. She'll verify your postings, grade your project, and submit a PASS grade.


Students needing accommodations because of disability must register with Adaptive Educational Services and complete the appropriate form before accommodations will be given. The AES office is located in Cavanaugh Hall 001E, 425 University Blvd., Indianapolis, IN 46202-5140 and may be reached by phone 317/274-3241 or 317/278-2050 TTD/TTY; by fax 317/274-2051; or by email

For more information go to

Course Calendar

Some people prefer to complete the course right away. Others may decide to use spring or summer break to complete the activities. In other words, if you want to do everything in early June, that's fine. It's up to you. I just need to have ALL GRADES turned in by the end of Summer Session I.

Recommended Schedule

January - Face-to-face workshop at ICE

February 15 - Enter Moodle materials and post introduction in Introduce Yourself.

March 15 - Recommended completion of first few Connection discussions.

April 15 - Recommended completion of last few Connection discussions.

May 15 - Recommended completion of Project.

June 15 - Last day to turn in Projects.

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