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Course Materials: Requirements

Keep in mind that this class contains students with a wide variety of educational, work, life, and technology experience. Try not to compare yourself to other students. Instead, focus on your own strengths and weaknesses.

Moodle Access

I've set up a class discussion and sharing area using Moodle at my website. This will be used to share the Connections activities you complete. First, register and log into the system. Second, practice using the system by introducing yourself to the class.

Registration. To use the system you'll need to register and join the course. Use the following directions:

Moodle contains features that are similar to Blackboard and other online courses.

Getting Started

The biggest drawback to an online class is the lack of face-to-face communication with your instructor and your peers. I'll be sending out periodic course updates that will hopefully help you feel connected to me. I'll be reading your assignments which will help me feel connected to you. We can email personally whenever you have something you'd like to share or discuss. I LIVE on email... in the motorhome our living room, dining room, bathroom, and bedroom are all within 38 feet, so I'm always available. When I'm "on-the-road" I'll usually provide information in the weekly update. In this case, it should still take less than 24 hours for a reply.

Introduce Yourself and Course Sharing

Your first assignment involves posting some information about yourself and getting to know your classmates. Some people like to share photographs, personal websites, favorite movies or books, family information, or other tidbits that will help the class get to know you. This is important because you'll be involved in lots of online discussions. This is all done in Moodle so "outsiders" won't be able to see the information.

Enter Moodle. Click on Introduce Yourself and Course Sharing.

Introduce Yourself
Put your name in the subject of the message. Include your name, a little personal and professional information about yourself, as well as the reason you chose this course and how you feel about online courses in general. This will be a good chance to share a little about your interests and expertise with education and technology. Also, tell us what makes you laugh and how you like to spend your spare time (like you have spare time).

Reply to an Introduction
Read the messages posted by classmates. If you want to share something you have in common or ask a question, enter information below the message in the area that says REPLY. You should post at least one response or observation. This area is also a place to go if you have questions. Find someone you think shares your interests, email them and introduce yourself personally. This contact may be helpful later in the semester as you have questions about the course. Always feel free to contact Annette too!

Be sure to reply to at least one message posted by a classmate.

Project Sharing

Many students enjoy seeing the work of others to gather materials for future projects. All students are required to post a short paragraph reviewing the topic of your project. Then if you're interested, you can contact this student for more information. At the end of the semester, you can also share your project here.

Post a short paragraph reviewing the topic of your project.
Your Name
Email Address
Project Title. A short paragraph description of the project.

Reading and Connection Assignments

This course involves required readings, Connection activities, and projects.


Use the readings to help you with the Connection and Project. These readings/website explorations are required for your success in the course.

The readings and links will get you started. Then, complete the activity. DO NOT spend multiple hours on each assignment! You should be able to say everything in a couple paragraphs. Save your energy for your Projects.

Six Connection Activities

You must complete all 6 activities found in the CourseGuide. These assignments are used to guide your learning and encourage you to try out new ideas. These activities are intended to help you analyze and apply the course content. Many times you'll be asked to read an article or explore a link. Then, do some brainstorming, writing, or thinking. For each connection activity, you are also required to react to the posting of at least one other classmate.

The Connections activities are required, posted in the Moodle forums, and graded as PASS or NO PASS when all six have been completed.

Course Project

You are required to complete a course project. It is graded PASS or NO PASS. The topic and scope of the project is up to you. The guidelines are listed on the CourseGuide.

When you're ready to get started, proceed to the CourseGuide.

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