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Blogging: Blog Posting Starters

Sometimes it's difficult to get an activity or discussion started. Prompts, hooks, or other starters are helpful. The following ideas will hopefully generate ideas and encourage participation.

Start with a(n)...

Action. Use verbs to bring a posting alive. Start with an event, disaster, or other activity. Then ask a question.

Announcement. Then, suggest a reading.

Challenge. Challenge participants with a bold statement that might cause controversy such as one side of an argument or an opinion.

Choice. Present options or choices then ask a question.

Current Event. Present a news item or important local or global event.

Definition. Provide a word and/or definition. Or, just a word and ask for a definition, illustration or example. Be sure to cite the source. Ask a question that requires a definition.

Emotion or Feeling. Sleepy, dizzy, frantic, or happy... how does it feel?


Experience. Share a personal experience or story about yourself. Connect it to the discussion or topic. If possible, include a photograph.

Figurative Language. A simile (comparison such as or is), metaphor (comparison: this is like that), personification (giving a nonhuman, human qualities), hyperbole (exaggeration).

Opinion. Take a stand and start with an opinion.

Quote. The quote could be from a famous person, book, news article, or interview. Be sure to use quotation marks and credit the source.

Question. Focus on questions about a topic (i.e., main idea, connection to other learning), book or movie (i.e., character, plot, setting), or problem.

Riddle or Puzzle. Provide the riddle or puzzle, then provide a reading to help solve the problem.

Scenario. As readers to imagine a situation. Consider starting with dialog or conversation.

Statement. Start with some background information that clarifies an issue or focuses attention on a topic.

Statistic. How many or how much? Present a shocking statistic or one that people might question. Consider presenting this information in the form of a chart or graphic.

Surprise. Begin with a shocking or amazing piece of information.

Who, What, When, Where, Why, or How. Start with a "W" or "H" related to a specific character, problem, or event.

Some of the starters were adapted from the following postings: Blissful Blogging and Blogheads, Kim's Korner: Types of Leads.

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