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Blogging: Blog Features & Services

There are many blog hosting services and resources. Most are for the general public rather than specifically for educators. It's often free for the basic service, but things like graphics and additional services are an additional charge.

When selecting blogging software, ask about the following features:

Dedicated Online Hosting Services

Most people start by joining a free or low-cost blog hosting service. The advantage of this approach is that you don't have to deal with any of the technical issues. The disadvantage is that the service may change without notice.

Blogger (Powered by Google) star means quality
This is by far the most popular and has cool, easy-to-use templates. It's not easy to make it private, so have students use pen names. When you create a blog, the address is Go to create an account to get started.

Blog City

This is a free service that includes a how-to, get started, and FAQ page. Just $2.50 per month for upgrade.

BlogMeisterstar means quality
Great blog resource for teachers from Dave at Landmarks.

You can join for free and get limited space.


This site has many teen users.


Open access environment for educators.

You can join for free and upgrade for a fee. It's easy to make it private and create "friend" lists. Owned by the makers of Movable Type.

Build a free blog.



Works well for school settings, but it's very slow. Go to Create a SchoolBlog to get started.

Teacher Hosting
Designed specifically for teachers. Blogging is $5 per month.

Free web journaling service.

Word Pressstar means quality
Free blog service

Free, flexible blog service. Just $1.99 per month for pro service with graphics. Very easy to use, but somewhat limited without the pro version.. Sign-up, then get an email to complete registration. They recommend for visuals. Your blog address will be something like

Unlimited photos and journaling, but many ads.

Google Directory
Locate other blog hosts.

Website Tools for Bloggers
Allows you to create and organize bookmarks.
Social bookmarking manager that lets you share your collection of links by category.

Known as "your personal web", it helps you save, search, and share your favorite websites. It's like a bookmarking tool that actually stores the site.

Visuals for Bloggers

Online sharing community for photographs.

Flickr star means quality
Free accounts to store and annotate pictures. Create an account and post to any blog. With the free account you can upload 10MB of photos each month for free. You need to use it every 45 days for it to stay active. Check out a couple great examples including mharrsch's photo sets. There are 2766 photos you can use in blogs including West, battlefields, flora, wild kingdom, dinosaurs, National Museum of the Ameican Indiana, Roman Empire, Landscapes, China, Colonial Life, Egyptians, Civil War, leaders, Greeks, and much more! You can use them for educational purposes! You can also do a search for a topic such as "kids." You could also look up architecture, street, or signs to use for geometry activities.
Online photo albums, limited space.

Tool for locating photoblogs. Explore by Country.

Photobucket star means quality
You get 25 megs of free space at 1500 megs of bandwidth per month. Sign-up, then get an email to complete registration.

Hello + Picasa 2
Powered by Google, requires free downloaded software for Windows only.

Splash Blog
Share photos from your wireless handhelds.

Audio/Podcasting for Bloggers

Try a trial. You can attacn sounds to many blogs such as blogger.
From comes

Podscope: Audio video Search Engine

Free, cross platform sound editor.

Create Podcasts
Learn to create podcasts

Create podcasts from your phone. Free up to 200 MB/user. School examples.

GarageBand from Apple
Learn to create podcasts with GarageBane for Mac.

Create a free podcast

Create a free podcast (uses phone or uploaded file)

HandyBits: Voice Mail for Kids
Tools for creating audio to send as email or enter in blogs. Download freeware.

Audioblogs - Audblogs or Podcasting

Audio in School Blogs

Video for Bloggers

Videoblogs - Vogging or video blogging

Blog Software

You may prefer to incorporate blog software into your own website. The advantage is that you have more control over your blog environment. The disadvantage is that you need some technical expertise. The following interfaces work well for blogging.


Blog Software Breakdown
Explore a comparison of blog software options.

Manila is a server side application used by UserLand.

Movable Type star means quality
Premier weblog publishing platform. Very popular tool from Six Apart.

WordPress star means quality
Free open source blog software.

Other Subscription Services

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