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Blogging: Blog Organization

Before long, you'll realize that it's almost impossible to key all your favorite blogs organized. There are two approaches to this problem: Blog Links or Blog Readers.

Learn more about creating RSS feeds at Information Architecture: Syndication.

Blog Links

Most blogs contain a primary page that is used to display the current postings. This page often includes other information such as links to archives, categories of entries, and a blog roll. You need to create a link to this blog "home" page.

Blog Rolls. Using a blogroll is the most effective way to organize blogs. A blog roll is a collection of links on the sidebar of a blog or other page linking to other blogs. Because it's on the sidebar, it's out of the way and easy to access.

Blog Bookmarks. Some people like to use their favorite browser to link to their favorite blogs. You may wish to create bookmark folders for your favorite categories such as personal, pundit, and professional blogs.

Blog Page. A blog web page is an easy way to organize your blogs of interest. You may wish to create web pages that contain categories of your favorite links.

Blog Readers

Increasingly, blog fans are using aggregators to help them organize the wealth of information being generated by blogs. These aggregators let you select, categorize, and present the RSS (Rich Site Summary) feed from a blog in a window rather than going to the blog website entry page. News readers are used to check RSS enabled webpages on behalf of a user and display any updated information.

RSS feeds are often marked with the following icon .

Web-based Readers. Bloglines is probably the best-known blog reader. It can be used for any type of RSS feed. When you find a feed you want, you simply copy the URL of the feed and subscribe to this feed. Other blog organizers include Blogrolling. Examples:

Browser-based Live Bookmarks. Web browsers such as Firefox allow you to place your favorite RSS feeds on a pull-down menu for easy access. Web pages containing RSS feeds are indicated with a special RSS icon .

OS-based Readers. Some readers are downloaded and run off your computer. For example, NewzCrawler, SharpReader, FeedDemon, and Awasu are for Windows and Newsfire, Shrook, and NetNewsWrite are for the Mac. Go to Google News Readers for more.

Customized Portals. Customized portals such as MyYahoo also allow you to organize RSS feeds.

Skim Working the Web: Newsreaders from The Guardian and How to Speed-Read the Net from Slate.

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