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Blogging: Learn More

10 Tips on Writing the Living Web by Mark Bernstein
Ideas for writing for the web.

The Art of Blogging - Part 1
Background information on blogging.

Blogging by Bobby Hobgood
Great article on Blogging!

The Blogging Iceberg
An article that includes statistics on web log creation and use.

Common Sense Has Much To Learn From Moonshine by Philip Pullman,3604,1396040,00.html
Great article by popular author about the need for writing in context.

Educational Weblog Articles$24
Great list of links to many articles. Also check Noteworthy Posts.

How to Write a Better Weblog by Dennis A. Mahoney
Read some ideas for blogging.

Internet Courses: Weblogs by Anne Clyde
Great list of blogs and articles including library blogs.

In the Classroom, Web Logs Are the New Bulletin Boards by Jeffrey Selingo
Article on second grade bloggers. Also available at Cnet.

NECC 2004: Blogs and Wikis as WebQuest Tasks
Explore this popular NECC session.

A Proposal for School District Deployment of a CMS$1001
Use of blogs in middle school.

Scholars Who Blog
Article explore scholars that blog.

The Seven-Year-Old Bloggers
Read about young bloggers.

Teacher Tap: Discussion Tools & Technology Rich Learning
Resources related to forums, blogging, chatting, and other online discussion tools.

Understanding Weblogs by Wei-Meng Lee
Article from O'Reilly Web DevCenter on weblogs.

Using Weblogs in ESL/EFL Classes
Great online workshop in using blogs.

Weblogs: a history and perspective
Background information on blogs.

Weblogs: The Possibilities Are Limitless
Great online workshop on blogs.

Weblog Ethics
This guide examines issues in blog creation and use.

Writing With Web Logs by Kristen Kennedy in techLearning
article on students as bloggers.

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