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Blogging: Blog Basics

Blogs are simply web logs. Think of them as online journals, diaries, or interactive logs. They can be used to record everything from science labs to poetry. Blog may contain text, graphics, photos, audio, video, and other elements. Blogs are normally run by a single author who writes and posts the entries. The blog author may open their blog to comments from members of a group, registered participants, or anyone.

Blog Characteristics

Although blog software can be used in many ways, the following features can generally be found:

Although many blogs encourage comments, they aren't set up for discussions like group forums and threaded discussions.

Read What are the Differences Between Message Boards and Weblogs? by Lee Lefever.

Blog Popularity

Blogs provide an engaging environment for teaching and learning. Explore reasons for their popularity.

Teacher Popularity

Pros and Cons of Blogs in Teaching and Learning

Before jumping into the development of blogs, explore the pros and cons of using blogs in teaching and learning.

Reasons NOT to Blog

A Dozen Reasons to Blog in Teaching and Learning

Evidence of Blog Effectiveness

Are blogs a good idea? Who says? Since blogs are so new, there's not much research on their effectiveness. However you'll find many connections to existing research and informal observations.

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