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The Basics: Escrapbooking Starters

Some people have a hard time getting started with escrapbooking.

Get Organized

One place to start is with the resources around you. Start collecting what you see around you. While you can collect by organizing real objects, you can also collect ideas and memories through taking digital photographs. Consider going through your photo album and scanning those photos that contain the most instant memories.

Getting Started

If you don't have lots of your own photos or videos, use our Naturescapes Video & Image Starter Resources page. It contains many photos and video clips to incorporate into your projects. The photo below is from the Naturescapes collection.


Locate visuals for scrapbooking at Teacher Tap: Visuals and Public Domain visuals.

Multimedia Scrapbook Starters

Explore multimedia scrapbook starters. Keep in mind that many have been on the web for a while, so they may suffer link rot.

Use Books as Scrapbook Starters

Many books use the scrapbook theme or use a scrapbook type format. Use these as inspiration for your own projects.

Explore books with a scrapbooking theme:

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