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About this Project

Annette and Larry enjoy everything from history and science to photography and web design. As college professors working with teachers and librarians, they're always seeking new ways to share their passion for learning and inquiry. Frustrated by the movement toward standards-based testing, they began seeking ways for students to share their understandings in non-traditional ways.

Escrapbooking has evolved from their interests in primary source documents, photography, and libraries matched with their desire to help people become life long learners through engaging, metacognitive activities. The preliminary materials you see at this site were originally designed for conference workshops related to e-scrapbooking. As time permits each area will be enhanced with additional resources.

We're actively seeking examples of electronic scrapbooks created by children and young adults as well as others who'd like to share their passion for inquiry and sharing. As we build these resources, they will be included in the PROJECTS area of the website.

Finally, people often ask "what software should I use" or "what should my escrapbook look like"? Escrapbook are as unique as the scraps and individuals who create them. Ask yourself, does my escrapbook tell a story? Does it express the ideas I want to store or share? Does it have the breadth and depth necessary for my audience to understand what I want to say? Regardless of whether you use PowerPoint or Dreamweaver, photographs or clipart, cool fonts or bright colors, the only thing that matters is the smile on your face when you, your family, your friend, or your teacher enjoys your project.

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